‘Where do you want to eat?’

I’m a massive massive foodie as you guys know (or now know) and living in Manchester, there is just too many options to choose from when deciding to eat out. Sooo I’ve decided to put together the top 5 places I’ve been to with a little review. Whether you’re moving to the city, here for uni or on a weekend away- I hope this helps you answer the question ‘where do you wanna eat?’


Chicken Paillard
Tempura King Prawns, chicken&wafflea, chicken tacos
Chicken bao buns

I’ve only been to menagerie twice but would definitely recommend it to absolutely anyone and everyone! I ordered the King prawn linguine the first time and it was by far the best prawn linguine I’ve ever had! So much so I decided to try remake it at home(you can find the recipe for this on my blog). It had such a nice garlic and creamy taste to it – two of my favourite things! However, it can be a bit spicy so if you’re not a fan of hot food this may not be the best option! I tried the chicken paillard the second time and I could not be more content. It was such a homely dish but the flavours were just amazing! 10/10. Plus the instagrammable setting is the cherry on top!


Veg springrolls
Chocolate fondant

I’ve had too many spring-rolls in my life to count but the wild mushroom and vegetable springrolls at Grand Pacific were just amazinggg! It comes with a shredded leek, chilli and ginger sauce which complemented the starter so well. They have a wide variety of mains from vegetarian options to Korean hot plates, steak and they even have a lamb curry! So there’s always something to choose from for everyone.

There’s always room dessert right? Right. I ordered the chocolate fondant and honestly it was just soooo good I finished it in no time! The crumble on the side really went together with the chocolate and added such a nice crunch to the whole thing! Without it the dessert wouldn’t have been complete. Will definitely be going back to try their roast and their high tea lunch!


Vegetarian kebab platter, achari chicken tikka

Although I’m so used to eating Indian food at home, I will always venture out to try the next best Indian restaurant I can find! The menu at Asha’s has a wide variety of dishes and catered to vegetarians with a lot of options to choose from. The only downside of this place would be how expensive it is! Although the food did fill me up and tasted divine it’s still priced expensively. It’s a contemporary styles Indian restaurant so each dish will look as good as the next! I ordered the vegetarian platter (£18.25) and it was delicious but didn’t manage to finish it as the fillings are really heavy.


From one Indian to the next! If you’re looking for a decent priced Indian meal then I’d 100% recommend Mughli to you guys. The atmosphere from the food to the decor really took me back to India. The portions are well sized for the price and if you don’t finish then you can always take the food home. Nothing tastes better than having curry the next day! Food also gets sent to the table as a no waiting system, so it all arrives together as and when it is ready.


Karaage chicken, miso coleslaw + gochujang mayo

Hands down the best best bao buns I’ve EVER had! My fave part was definitely the gochujang mayo. Honestly wish you could just get it in a jar. My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it. They also do amazing ramens but I’m yet to try those!

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